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Research Crash Course

Course Description

The RC2 Classes will guide students through the process of conducting a research or engineering project for their regional science fair. These classes are aimed towards current middle school students (6th–8th graders), with little or no previous exposure to regional science fairs. The course consists of 10 lessons, spread out from mid-October through March, with 5 student check-ins. Each lesson is one hour long (45min lecture and 15min Q/A), with the time varying from chapter to chapter.

RC2 is taught in chapters, with the curriculum of each specifically tailored to its regional fair. We currently have 4 chapters across 3 states: Chandler (AZ), Cupertino (CA), Kennett Square (PA), and Palo Alto (CA). However, if you are not in a school district in one of the above chapters, you can still register!

LessonContent (Tentative Plan)
1Intro to Research & Science Fairs
2Background Literature Research
3Scientific Method & Engineering Process
4The Proposal
5Data Collection & Statistics
6Progress Updates
7Data Analysis
8The Tri-Fold Board
9The Abstract
10Judging Overview