Python & Research-Oriented Programming

This summer, Project ROPEs is excited to be hosting a FREE 9-session series of virtual Python & Research-Oriented Programming (PROP) Workshops for local middle schoolers!

The online workshops will start on the weekend of June 13/14 and run through the weekend of August 8/9. Each session lasts 1.5 hours; the exact day (Sat or Sun) & time will be decided by May 31st, after which a confirmation email will be sent out. These PROP Workshops will teach basic Python programming skills, as well as Python’s various applications in scientific research.

PLEASE NOTE: The day & time will be decided by May 31st, and a final confirmation email will be sent with further instructions. There are LIMITED spots, and students will be enrolled on a rolling basis.

The content covered in the summer 9 sessions (tentative plan) include:
Week 0 — Introduction to Scientific Research & Programming: Intro, Setup, & Hello World
Week 1 — Syntax, Data Types, & Operators: Int, Bool, String, List, Float
Week 2 — Variables: What They Are & Usages
Week 3 — Program Logic: If Statements, Boolean Operators
Week 4 — Loops: For & While Loops, and their Usage
Week 5 — Strings: What They Are & String functions
Week 6 — Lists: Lists, Arrays, & 2D Arrays
Week 7 — Programming Project: Guidance & any extra content students are interested in
Week 8 — Conclusion: Project Presentations & Additional Guidance

Starting in September, there is also a more advanced workshop covering usage of Python libraries in research, as well as the Intro to Scientific Research Workshops (details coming soon); students are strongly encouraged to attend both in order to experience conducting a project of their own for the regional science fair.